Kim Sae Ron’s DUI Controversy Fuels Doubts About Her Financial Difficulties

Kim Sae Ron DUI
kim sae ron net worth
Credit: tvN

Kim Sae Ron is under scrutiny as she reportedly pleaded for leniency during her recent DUI trial, citing financial hardship.

At her first trial on March 8th, the prosecution requested a fine of $15,149 for the actress. Her passenger, charged with aiding her DUI, was fined $3,787.

During the trial, Kim Sae Ron’s attorney stated, “My client Kim Sae Ron is the primary source of financial support for her family. It is with regret that we inform you that Ms. Kim and her family are currently facing severe economic difficulties as a result of the substantial compensation paid for the damages. We therefore humbly request that the court grants maximum leniency in this matter.”

kim sae ron net worth
Credit: tvN

However, some have made claims that the star owns properties worth millions of dollars. In 2020, she appeared on tvN’s On & Off and shared that she was living in a spacious apartment that seemed to be around 1700 square feet. At the time, the 1500 square feet sized house in the same apartment complex was priced at $1.74 million.

The celebrity also received attention for her expensive car, which reportedly costs over $37,800. Reports indicate she was driving a car worth $75,700 when the DUI incident occurred.

In light of this information, some have expressed skepticism about Kim Sae Ron’s financial difficulties. They have raised questions such as, “How can she claim to have financial difficulties when living in a luxurious apartment?” and “If she were to sell her house, wouldn’t she still have a significant amount of money left over, much more than the average office worker’s salary?”

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