Yoo Ah In Also Tested Positive for Cocaine and Ketamine

yoo ah in news
yoo ah in news
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Yoo Ah In has tested positive for both cocaine and ketamine.

TV Chosun’s News 9 reported on Wednesday, “It was confirmed that the National Forensic Service notified the police that Yoo Ah In’s hair sample also tested positive for cocaine and ketamine in addition to propofol and marijuana.” With this, it has been confirmed that the actor has taken a total of four drugs.

Especially cocaine, which causes strong hallucinations, is considered one of the most addictive drugs in the world. Ketamine, commonly used as a general anesthetic, was classified as a narcotic in 2006 due to concerns about misuse and abuse. The police secured records of ketamine prescriptions for Yoo Ah In while investigating one clinic and are now trying to see if the actor took the drug habitually.

The police began investigating Yoo Ah In for the illegal use of propofol as soon as he arrived at the airport last month. They conducted a simple urine test and collected hair samples to send to the National Forensic Service.

Meanwhile, the police plan to summon Yoo Ah In as a suspect next week at the earliest.

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