‘Jinny’s Kitchen’: BTS’ V Explains Why He Had an Argument With Jung Yu Mi

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Credit: The Game Caterers

Lee Seo Jin shared interesting behind-the-scenes stories from Jinny’s Kitchen and joked about how there were two workers who had given him a hard time.

Jung Yu Mi started off the interview by saying, “It was V’s first time on the show but he talked to me a lot and gave me a lot of strength.”

However, Seo Jin refuted, “What are you talking about?! There was a time we were eating instant noodles late at night and they fought. V’s the one who got the angriest at her. He was screaming ‘you’re not on my side anymore’ and stuff.”

V then went on to tell his side of the story, “Yu Mi and I decided to have instant noodles after dinner. So Seo Joon prepared three bags of ramen for us. Then she said she was too full after having only one bite of noodles.”

Lee Seo Jin added, “That’s when he said, ‘Are you really going to do this to me?’ So he had two bags of noodles by himself. He gave up, saying he can’t eat anymore.”

V explained, “I needed to relieve stress because working at the restaurant was so tough.”

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