Netflix Unveils Behind-the-Scenes Photos of ‘Love to Hate You’

Love to Hate You
Love to Hate You
Credit: Netflix

Netflix shared a behind-the-scenes look at Love to Hate You.

The new images capture the bright, lively energy exchanged between the drama cast and crew. Kim Ok Bin is seen fully focused on rehearsing the action scene while Yoo Teo lightens up the set with his playful smile. Kim Ji Hoon is spotted monitoring his acting and Go Won Hee is on stand-by sitting next to director Kim Jung Kwon.

Love to Hate You became one of the global top ten non-English series on Netflix with cumulative 11.27 million hours viewed in just three days on the streaming service.

Overseas media outlet Decider reported, “The circumstances around how Kang-ro and Mi-ran get together in Love To Hate You is about as contrived as it gets. Yet it somehow still works, mainly because of the charm of Kim Ok-vin as Mi-ran.” ReadySteadyCut said, “Mi-ran is not by any means your quintessential k-drama protagonist, and something is definitely gained in her willingness to play men at their own game.”

Love to Hate You
Credit: Netflix

After watching the series, South Korean viewers commented, “The male lead was very attractive. And I also love the female protagonist who can have men wrapped around her finger, “Love this satisfying storyline that never makes you frustrated” and “I have not seen this kind of funny rom-com for a long time.”

Love to Hate You tells a love story between a woman who desperately hates losing to men and a man who is extremely suspicious of women.

Source: Netflix

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