Kim Yoo Jung and Kim Sung Cheol Show Love for Their Play ‘Shakespeare in Love’

kim yoo jung shakespeare in love
kim yoo jung shakespeare in love
Credit: Allure Korea
kim yoo jung shakespeare in love
Credit: Allure Korea

Kim Yoo Jung and Kim Sung Cheol teamed up for the play Shakespeare in Love.

Adapted from the 1998 film of the same title, Shakespeare in Love tells a fictional love affair involving playwright William Shakespeare and Viola de Lesseps while Shakespeare was writing Romeo and Juliet. The play had its successful premiere on the 28th.

For the Allure Korea pictorial, the two actors posed as the alluring couple. In the interview that followed, they both talked about the love they have for this new project.

Having challenged her first-ever theater play, Kim Yoo Jung shared, “I have read a lot of Shakespeare’s works since I was a child. He’s a man of great achievements that everyone admires. I found the fact that it reinterprets Shakespeare very interesting. Also, the character of Viola de Lesseps was very attractive.” The actress went on, “There’s a scene when Viola goes, ‘I just wanted to become an actress.’ One day, I said the line during rehearsal, and it just hit me and my head went blank. That sentence grabbed my heart.”

How does she feel about this new challenge she’s making? “I don’t start a project thinking I’m making new challenges,” Kim Yoo Jung replied. “I just do it because I want to. I jump into something if I think it’ll be fun rather than thinking of making new challenges.”

kim yoo jung shakespeare in love
Credit: Allure Korea
kim yoo jung shakespeare in love
Credit: Allure Korea

Kim Seol Cheol is one of the most sought-out actors in plays and musicals. “I’ve done Shakespearean plays, but I never thought I’d become Shakespeare himself. I think our play did a pretty good job in doing the research about him.”

The actor also shared his principle in acting. “In the past, I put more weight on the characters. I thought about how attractive they are, how they help out the projects, and how impactful it’ll be if I play the characters. But now, I try to see the big picture. And now, I’m more fond of rational acting than emotional acting.”

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