Song Hye Kyo Reveals She Doesn’t Want to Be Born Again as Herself

the glory song hye kyo
the glory song hye kyo
Credit: Elle Korea

Song Hye Kyo had a fun Q&A session with ELLE Korea magazine, replying to dozens of questions from her fans.

She first talked about if she had any regrets for her part in The Glory. “It was my first time acting in this genre,” she said. “All the scenes were hard at the beginning of the filming. ‘Is this really right?’  ‘No?’ I thought like that a lot. It’s passed already. If I have a chance, I wanna film the scenes I filmed earlier again.”

She added, “But after some time, watching the show, I think I did my best. A lot of people seem to like it, so it’s a relief.”

She also revealed the scene that made her mad in series. She said, “I got mad when I looked at the script. It’s a line of an offender. They say ‘Was I that harsh?’ like it’s nothing after Dong Eun shows up. I was so mad about it. Although they gave her such big scars and pain, it’s not even left in their memory. It made me very mad.”

To the question that asked, “Do you wanna be born again as Song Hye Kyo?,” she responded, “No. I’ve lived as Song Hye Kyo once, so I want to be born as someone different.” One of the staff members was surprised to hear her response and quickly said, “I want to be born as Song Hye Kyo in my next life,” to which she answered, “Really? I hope you do that,” bringing laughter on set.

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