Netflix’s ‘Single’s Inferno 2’ Spices Things Up with New Contestants Joining the Show

single's inferno 2
single's inferno 2
Credit: Netflix

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Netflix show Single’s Inferno 2 showed solos getting closer to each other, all the while spicing things up by introducing new contestants in episodes 5 and 6.

Episode 5 showed the heart-fluttering date of three couples, Kim Jin Young-Shin Seul Ki, Kim Han Bin-Choi Seo Eun, and Shin Dong Woo-Lee Na Din. In particular, the contrasting expressions Shin Seul Ki made from when she went on a date with Shin Dong Woo caught the attention. She actively showed affection to Kim Jin Young, even asking if she could “cross the line,” raising anticipation. Kim Han Bin-Choi Seo Eun and Shin Dong Woo-Lee Na Din couples were also seen enjoying a cozy date after getting to know each other’s ages and jobs.

single's inferno 2
Credit: Netflix

Afterward, Cho Yung Jae candidly showed his feelings for Choi Seo Eun, who’d returned from a fate with Kim Han Bin, telling her, “I know how to keep my woman. I’ve never let anyone take her away from me.” Choi Jung Woo constantly struggled to spend more time with Shin Seul Ki, raising questions as to where her heart is really heading. Lee So Yi, who watched Cho Yung Jae and Choi Seo Eun getting closer, decided to give up on him.

Meanwhile, two new contestants have joined Hell Island. What kind of phase will they bring about?

Single’s Inferno 2 recorded 11.58 million viewing hours from December 19th to 25th, ranking 10th in Netflix’s Global Top 10 TV (Non-English) category.

Source: Netflix

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