Lee Junho on Characters Most Similar and Most Different from Him

lee junho interview
lee junho interview
Credit: Lee Junho YouTube

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Lee Junho dished on the characters he’s played so far.

Lee Junho released a new video “Emojis Interview” on his YouTube channel on the 18th. In the video, he was seen answering the questions designated to different emojis.

And one of those questions was “Among the characters I’ve played, which character is the most similar to me and which is the most different?” The actor responded, “Strangely, I think the character that is the most similar to me was the character that I was playing at the time.”

He elaborated, “But now that I think about it, I think the most different character was Seo Yul (from Good Manger).” Then he went on, “The most similar character was righteous, loving, and self-disciplined. There’s a character like that. I dare say he’s the most similar. Let me just say ‘I want to be like him’,” showing his love for Yi San from The Red Sleeve.

Junho continued, “As I was filming The Red Sleeve, I made wonderful memories. As I played that character, I indirectly experienced his emotions and how painful he endured every day, so I wanted to be like him.”

He also mentioned his upcoming drama King The Land. “I hope that it’ll be the most-anticipated work in 2023.” King the Land tells the story of a man who despises laughing and a woman who must laugh, creating a day where they can truly smile brightly in the VVIP lounge “King the Land,” a dream place of hoteliers.

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