Jinni Fans Angered After JYP Erased All of Her Traces When They Embraced Stray Kids’ Hyunjin Previously

nmixx jinni
nmixx jinni
Credit: iMBC, JYP Entertainment

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While Jinni, aka Choi Yunjin, left NMIXX because of “personal reasons,” JYP Entertainment started quickly erasing all of her traces, causing controversy.

On the 9th, JYP announced Jinni’s exit from the group and contract termination, stating the reason as the idol’s personal reasons. The sudden news confused the fans since Jinni trained in JYP for 7 years before her debut and even showed a solid performance at the 2020 MAMA just days before.

Soon after the announcement, JYP postponed the release of NMIXX’s Christmas video and started erasing Jinni’s face from the group’s official Instagram. Even the act’s MAMA video erased Jinni’s traces as much as possible.

The fans immediately reacted to the agency’s decision, claiming that what they’re doing is disrespectful toward both Jinni and NMIXX. And fans’ anger doubled by comparing the fact that JYP waited for Stray Kids’ Hyunjin even after being named a school bully.

Back in February, JYP released a statement that they’d wait for Stray Kids’ Hyunjin after he went on hiatus. “Hyunjin is to reflect on himself after putting a halt to all of his activities as an entertainer,” they wrote. “He regrets and reflects on himself for hurting many people with harsh and inappropriate words in middle school.” After just four months, the idol made his comeback.

Therefore, JYP’s measures related to Jinni are bound to feel more “cruel” to NMIXX and Jinni’s fans. Now, they’re demanding the agency’s response about their “inconsistency” in treating their artists – the one who apologized for his past wrongdoings and the one who left the team for “personal reasons.”

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