Park Ji Hoon, Choi Hyun Wook & Hong Kyung Pick Their Favorite Scene in ‘Weak Hero Class 1’

Weak Hero Class 1

Wavve original series Weak Hero Class 1 continues to take Korea by storm. According to Good Data, the show ranked first in social media popularity, second on VON (blog and communities) popularity, and third in the overall TV & OTT rankings. The three “weak heroz” – Park Ji Hoon, Choi Hyun Wook, and Hong Kyung – introduced their favorite scene in the series.

Weak Hero Class 1
Credit: Wavve
#Park Ji Hoon – The moment Si Eun opened his heart to Su Ho (episode 2)

“Outsider” Si Eun, who was always the first to arrive at school, finds Su Ho (Choi Hyun Wook) sleeping at his desk. But he doesn’t mind his classmate and turns the light on anyway. Then one day, Young Bin (Kim Su Gyeom), who was always bested by Si Eun, starts to bully Si Eun, and when his harassment crosses the line, Si Eun explodes.

Even after taking his bullies down, Si Eun’s fury didn’t dial down, making Su Ho, who calls himself the “Guardian of Justice,” step in. This incident brought the two together. Si Eun finds out that Su Ho sleeps at school after working part-time until late at night, and since then, he doesn’t turn the light on after arriving at school. 

Park Ji Hoon recalled, “While filming this scene, I thought that Si Eun actually wanted a friend.”

#Choi Hyun Wook – The scene that showed who Ahn Su Ho is (episode 1)

Even with his excellent athleticism, Su Ho hates getting involved in a fight. However, he becomes the “Guardian of Justice” and shows his true face when he sees unreasonable violence. Choi Hyun Wook chose Su Ho’s first action scene against the baseball club members in episode 1 as his favorite scene. “It imprinted what kind of a character Su Ho is from the very beginning,” he explained. 

#Hong Kyung – The moment the subtle tension is formed in the three’s friendship (episode 5)

“As very subtle emotional change is seen between the three, cracks begin to widen in their relationship. So if you follow that flow, all the scenes seem great, so it’s hard to pick my favorite,” Hong Kyung shared. 

The scene he chose is in episode 5, the moment Bum Seok (Hong Kyung) feels inferior to his two friends. Bum Seok goes to sing in karaoke with Si Eun, Su Ho, and Young (Lee Yeon) but runs away after running into the students from his former school that used to bully him. But So Eun and Su Ho stood up against them on behalf of Bum Seok, which only made him feel inferior, ending up pouring out his anger at Su Ho. This was the moment when the atmosphere of the drama changed completely.

Weak Hero Class 1
Credit: Wavve
# Three’s Favorites – Restaurant Scene (episode 2) & Pool Scene (episode 3)

The rift between the three is all the more resentful because of the beautiful time they were friends. That’s why the three actors unanimously chose the restaurant and pool scenes as their favorites.

In episode 2, Si Eun deviates from his plan, which is basically studying all day, and hangs out with his friends for the first time, showing how much they mean to him. Moreover, the pool scene in episode 3 realistically captured how the three actors became close friends. 

Source: Wavve

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