‘Hero’ Starring Chung Sung Hwa and Kim Go Eun Confirms December Release

hero movie korean
hero movie korean
Credit: CJ ENM

The new musical movie Hero, helmed by Haeundae and Ode to My Father director Yoon Je Kyoon, confirmed its December release.

Hero follows the last one year of An Jung Geun, a Korean-independence activist, who was sentenced to death after killing Ito Hirobumi in Harbin in October 1909. Impressed by the musical, director Yoon challenged live recording on the spot like Tom Hooper’s Les Miserable. Today, CJ ENM released seven character posters.

First captures Chung Sung Hwa‘s resoluteness as An Jung Geun, alongside the caption, “I came here to keep my oath.” Then there is Kim Go Eun‘s poster as Seol Hee, the information for the Independence Army. Her introduction, “I can never forget that day,” raises questions about her story.

hero movie korean
Credit: CJ ENM

Na Moon Hee exudes motherly love for the son who’s risking his life for the country. The poster of Cho Maria, An Jung Geun’s mother, has a copy that reads, “Don’t look back and achieve your aim.” The poster for Woo Duk Soon (Jo Jae Yun), An Jung Geun’s old friend, doubles the tension with the caption, “Ito is coming to Harbin?” Additionally, the poster for Cho Do Sun (Bae Jung Nam), the best sharpshooter, with the introduction “Not it’s time for us to strike,” makes us look forward to his performance as he comes in for the rescue every time.

hero movie korean
Credit: CJ ENM

Then the posters for Yoo Dong Ha (Lee Hyun Woo), “Age doesn’t matter in fighting for the independence of my motherland,” and Ma Jin Joo (Park Jin Joo), “My brother will protect you, wherever you are,” give a glimpse into the strong camaraderie of independence fighters.

Meanwhile, Hero will hit the screen on December 21st.

Source: CJ ENM

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