‘Revenge of Others’ Episodes 3 and 4 Recap: Shin Ye Eun Suspects Lomon of Murdering Her Brother

Revenge of Others ep 3
Revenge of Others ep 3
Credit: Disney Plus

Episodes 3 and 4 of Disney Plus original series Revenge of Others pulled its characters into a deeper mystery.

The third episode began with students cheering and dubbing Ji Soo Heon (Lomon) as the ‘hero of Yong Tak High’ after he successfully avenged Sa Joong Kyung (played by Jin Ho Eun), resulting in Joong Kyung’s transfer out of the school. In the meantime, Ok Chan Mi (Shin Ye Eun) grew suspicious of Soo Heon as she heard a student whispering, “I bet Park Won Seok (Kang Yeol) got avenged by the hero as well.” The police narrowed down the list of suspects through CCTV footage and identified Soo Heon as a prime suspect.

Meanwhile, a mysterious individual lured Chan Mi into the auditorium and hit her with a brick. When she regained consciousness, Chan Mi went to Ki Oh Seong (Chae Sang Woo)’s house to return his cell phone only to spot Kuk Ji Hyeon (Lee Soo Min) coming out of his house. Turns out, Oh Seong and Ji Hyeon were living together under the same roof.

The fourth episode had Chan Mi getting unfairly kicked out of her cramped guest house and Soo Heon saving her by asking her to stay at his place. The two made viewers’ hearts flutter as they were seen taking care of a kitten together and preparing for dinner at his home.

The episode ended with a shocking twist when Seok Jae Beom (Seo Ji Hoon), who had been checking the CCTV footage to find out who hit her, told Ki Oh Seong that he was the one who had hit Chan Mi with the brick. Tension arose as Chan Mi received a note that said, “I will tell you a secret,” and bumped into Jae Beom on her way to meet the mysterious sender in a dark shooting range.

Source: Disney Plus

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