Ma Dong Seok and Jung Kyung Ho Herald Delightful Chemistry in Movie’ Men of Plastic’

ma dong seok new movie
ma dong seok new movie
Credit: iMBC

Ma Dong Seok, aka Don Lee, and Jung Kyung Ho are getting ready for the release of their new movie Men of Plastic.

Men of Plastic follows a nosy Apgujeong native named Dae Guk (Ma Dong Seok) and skillful plastic surgeon Ji Woo (Jung Kyung Ho) opening a plastic surgery business together. The movie heralds Ma Dong Seok’s transformation from a tough, macho guy to a lovely guy with unprecedented charm.

One thing to note about Men of Plastic is that Ma Dong Seok joined hands with The Roundup crew once again. “It’s a completely different film in tone and manner from our previous movie. We wanted to expand our genre range and try a delightful flick,” Director Lim Jin Soon commented. “We made it a rule to shoot more than 80% of the movie in the Apgujeong area in order to actually capture the lively characters against the backdrop of Apgujeong.”

“I planned this movie eight years ago, actually,” Ma Dong Seok said. “I wanted to tell the story of people trying to survive in Apgujeong, the center of the beauty business.”

The actor then talked about his surprising transformation in the movie. “Out of the about 100 films I appeared in, I changed my clothes the most in Men of Plastic,” he recalled. “It was excruciating, changing into more than 30 outfits in just two hours.” Ma further elaborated, “I researched not only the appearance but also the way he speaks and his business ideas. I worked hard so I could show a new kind of character.”

ma dong seok new movie
Credit: iMBC

Ma Dong Seok’s partner is Jung Kyung Ho, playing a picky and cold-hearted plastic surgeon with the best skills. “I’ve known Ma Dong Seok for 20 years,” the actor shared. “He has such an impact on my life, so it’s just amazing that I got to work with him in a movie.”

“In the movie, Ji Woo is often persuaded by Dae Guk,” Jung Kyung Ho introduced his role. “He’s the one getting convinced all the time, so as they start a business together, they bicker a lot. We’ve solidified the lines from the very beginning, so we joked around a lot while rehearsing our lines.”

Meanwhile, Men of Plastic will hit the screen on the 30th.

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