Weekly TV Top10: Amid Many Cancellations Due to Halloween Tragedy, ‘Under the Queen’s Umbrella’ Wins First Place’

Drama Ranking for the 1st Week of November

tvN’s Under the Queen’s Umbrella has maintained the top spot for the third week, but the controversy over historical inaccuracy continues. Viewers are showing two different responses: one side is saying that the fact that this is a “fusion historical drama” should be put into consideration, while the other is saying that since the story is set in the Joseon dynasty, attention to the details is necessary. The 10/29 disaster that occurred in Itaewon on the last weekend of October affected the rankings as some of the dramas got canceled. SBS’s Cheer Up, which canceled its broadcast for a week, fell to fourth place, while MBC’s The Golden Spoon and SBS’s One Dollar Lawyer climbed up to second and third places. Meanwhile, the voices of disappointment over One Dollar Lawyer have only increased due to its constant cancellations and the lacking probability of the overall story since the network announced the show’s end after 12 episodes. SBS will air the final episode of One Dollar Lawyer on the 11th and premiere the new drama The First Responders the very next day. KBS’s new drama Curtain Call debuted in fifth place. Though the overall plot flows calmly, the show deals with the pain of modern history, which was rarely dealt with in recent K-series, and the actors’ solid performances are getting favorable reviews. The reenactment of the Hungnam evacuation during the Korean War in the opening sequence is especially well-received. tvN’s Blind ended in tenth place, and MBC’s May I Help You? went off the chart after canceling its broadcast for a week.

  1. tvN Under the Queen’s Umbrella (Share of Audience 21.62) ( – )
  2. MBC The Golden Spoon (Share of Audience 13.52) (UP 1)
  3. SBS One Dollar Lawyer (Share of Audience 11.75) (UP 1)
  4. SBS Cheer Up (Share of Audience 7.80) (DOWN 2)
  5. KBS Curtain Call (Share of Audience 7.00) NEW
  6. tvN Love in Contract (Share of Audience 6.70) (DOWN 1)
  7. KBS Bad Prosecutor (Share of Audience 6.59) (DOWN 1)
  8. KBS Three Bold Siblings (Share of Audience 6.19) (DOWN 1)
  9. KBS Vengeance of the Bride (Share of Audience 3.22) (UP 1)
  10. tvN Blind (Share of Audience 2.84) (UP 1)
  1. Kim Hye Soo, Under the Queen’s Umbrella ( – )
  2. Namkoong Min, One Dollar Lawyer (UP 5)
  3. Yook Sungjae, The Golden Spoon (UP 3)
  4. Park Min Young, Love in Contract ( – )
  5. Baek In Hyuk, Under the Queen’s Umbrella  (DOWN 3)
  6. Moon Sang Min, Under the Queen’s Umbrella  (UP 6)
  7. Ko Kyung Pyo, Love in Contract (UP 1)
  8. Kim Ji Eun, One Dollar Lawyer (UP 3)
  9. Kim Hae Sook, Under the Queen’s Umbrella (UP 4)
  10. Kang Ha Neul, Curtain Call NEW

Non-Drama Ranking for the 1st Week of November

ENA PLAY/SBS Plus’s I’m Solo climbed up to first place, and Mnet’s Show Me the Money 11, which canceled its episode, fell to second place. SBS’s Unanswered Questions that covered the 10/29 disaster and MBC’s PD Note each ranked third and ninth, gaining attention. SBS’s Running Man came in fifth with BTS’ Jin‘s guest appearance. 

  1. ENA PLAY/SBS Plus I Am Solo (Share of Audience 7.23) (UP 1)
  2. Mnet Show Me the Money 11 (Share of Audience 6.34) (DOWN 1)
  3. SBS Unanswered Questions (Share of Audience 3.35) (UP 12)
  4. Mnet Street Man Fighter (Share of Audience 3.12) (DOWN 1)
  5. SBS Running Man (Share of Audience 2.73) (DOWN 1)
  6. KBS Stars’ Top Recipe at Fun-Staurant (Share of Audience 2.38) (UP 2)
  7. JTBC Hidden Singer 7 (Share of Audience 2.34) (UP 7)
  8. SBS Kick a Goal (Share of Audience 2.21) (DOWN 1)
  9. MBC PD Note (Share of Audience 2.11) (UP 17)
  10. MBC I Live Alone (Share of Audience 1.72) (DOWN 5)
  1. Park Soo Hong, Stars’ Top Recipe at Fun-Staurant (UP 2)
  2. Lee Chan Won, Stars’ Top Recipe at Fun-Staurant (UP 135)
  3. Kim Hyung Jun, Oh Eun Young’s Golden Clinic NEW
  4. Park Kyung Rim, Stars’ Top Recipe at Fun-Staurant NEW
  5. Kim Ha Neul, House on Wheels 4 (UP 8)
  6. Jin, Running Man NEW
  7. Lee Gookju, The Manager (UP 7)
  8. Ryu Soo Young, Stars’ Top Recipe at Fun-Staurant (UP 28)
  9. Choi Seong Kook, Problem Child in House NEW
  10. Lee So Ra, Dolsingles epilogue – nevertheless, love NEW

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