Kang Daniel Apologies for Saying the Wrong PPL Product Name During ‘Street Man Fighter’ Live Broadcast

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Kang Daniel apologized for saying the wrong PPL (product placement) product name during Street Man Fighter live broadcast, but the criticisms are continuing.

On Wednesday, KONNET Entertainment released an official apology, “Saying the wrong product name was the artist’s mistake,” they shared. “It seems that there was instantaneous confusion because of the enthusiasm at the scene. We apologize to the advertiser.”

However, the advertising industry expressed displeasure at Kang Daniel’s remarks. In an interview with Dispatch, an official pointed out the singer’s accident, “We are not even expecting politeness towards the advertisers; at the least, they shouldn’t be rude. There hasn’t been a host who’s praised a competitor’s product ever before.”

Earlier, Kang Daniel sparked a controversy when he said the wrong product’s name in the final episode of Mnet’s Street Man Fighter that was broadcast live. At the time, he said, “Thank you to our advertisement officials. ‘Trevi’ is delicious! Just kidding. But I am half sincere.” However, Street Man Fighter‘s sponsor is Seagram, and most definitely not Trevi, which is Seagram’s biggest competitor.

Referring to the controversial remark that Kang Daniel made before the premiere of Street Man Fighter, viewers commented, “He’s starting and ending the entire show with controversies.” Other comments include – “What is up with this kid? How many times has this been?” “He keeps making tongue slips,” “He’s not a good fit to be a host,” and “What kind of excuse is that? He should have prepared better.”

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