‘Decibel’ Shows the Perfect Ensemble of Actors’ Flawless Performances

decibel movie cha eun woo
decibel movie cha eun woo
Credit: Mindmark

Decibel released new still photos that capture the brilliant moments of the actors.

Decibel is an action thriller that follows a terrorist, who wants to take over the city with a special bomb that explodes when there is a loud noise, and a former Navy commander, who becomes the target of the terror.

Kim Rae Won has successfully put on a new face as the target of the terrorist attack. “I was really surprised to see him perform everything himself, from the detailed changes in his acting tone to action stunts. Kim Rae Won was the character himself,” Director Hwang In Ho shared.

decibel movie cha eun woo
Credit: Mindmark

The designer of the special bomb is played by none other than Lee Jong Suk. The actor will once again captivate the viewers by completing a character who is a Navy captain and a Mensa member. “From the first day of shooting, we felt tremendous energy like an unstoppable train,” Hwang said, showing his trust in the actor.

Lastly, Hwang lavished praise on Cha Eun Woo, who’s turned into a navy non-commissioned officer specializing in submarine sound detection. “All the scenes that Cha Eun Woo appeared in weren’t easy, but he pulled off (the scene) flawlessly. He really surprised me,” Hwang commented.

Meanwhile, Decibel will hit the theaters on November 16th.

Source: Mindmark

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