Hyeri Shares How Her Iconic Moment From ‘Real Man’ Changed Her Life

hyeri yoo quiz on the block
hyeri yoo quiz on the block
Credit: tvN

Hyeri revealed the story behind her debut and shared her career journey with Yoo Jae Suk and Jo Se Ho on tvN’s You Quiz on the Block.

Making her debut as a member of Girl’s Day, she shared, “Back in my school days, I got close with a friend whom I met at a contest. She used to audition a lot, and one day, I followed her as she needed one more person to attend the audition. We arrived at the office, which later became the label of Girls’ Day, and showed off the dance and singing parts we’d been practicing. I asked the CEO why he picked me, and he said I had the smallest face of all the people he had seen.”

Meanwhile, Hyeri rose to stardom with her iconic moment on the 2014 variety show Real Man. She remarked, “Appearing on Real Man was not something I had in mind, but I ended up joining the cast anyways. Thankfully, it went viral when it aired. I was very surprised when I saw my name all over the internet and online communities.”

The star also talked about how she got recognized as an actor through hit drama Reply 1988. She stated, “I knew the drama would become something that many would like to watch, but I doubted myself questioning if I could pull off the character. Following the drama’s conclusion, I was called the ‘ten million dollar girl.’ I didn’t know why people called me that when I didn’t have that much money. But I realized that I only read the article’s title, and the article said that I will be ‘worth 10 million dollars in the future.'”

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