4 Quotes that Best Describe the Characters in ‘Yonder’

yonder han ji min

TVING original series Yonder premiered on the 14th amid positive and warm responses. More than the heart-breaking love story of Shin Ha Kyun and Han Ji Min, the quotes that best express the characters’ emotions and beliefs drew attention.

yonder han ji min
Credit: TVING
#Shin Ha Kyun (Jae Hyun) – “Are you in my memory?”

After losing his beloved wife Yi Hu, Jae Hyun faced countless moments of confusion and doubt – from the message sent by his dead wife to the unfamiliar space called “Yonder” that she invited him to. After reuniting with Yi Hu, he refuses her existence, but after meeting Doctor K and his followers, he starts to change. Recalling the memory he has of her, he confesses, “You, who should be in my memory, are here now. Then are you in my memory now? Or am I in your memory?” This question, which reflects on his tangled thoughts, confuses the viewers as well.

#Han Ji Min (Yi Hu) – “If you can’t forget about what you’ve lost, then it’s not losing”

Worrying about her husband who’ll be left alone, Yi Hu chose “Yonder.” Jae Hyun denies everything in their first reunion, but the second time they meet, Yi Hu holds out the necklace that she lost when she was alive. “If you can’t forget about what you’ve lost, then it’s not losing. But if you forget about something, then that means you wanted to throw it away in the first place,” she says. “If you can’t forget about something even after you threw everything away, then that means that’s the one thing you didn’t want to lose.”

yonder han ji min
Credit: TVING
#Lee Jung Eun (Siren) – “Do you believe in what you see or what you think?”

After his wife’s death, Jae Hyun finds out that she signed a contract with some place that he’s never even heard about. Siren leads confused and doubtful Jae Hyun to “Yonder.” The question she asks him, “Do you believe in what you see or what you think?” convinces him to take a step into the unknown world. Siren’s quotes in the drama make not just Jae Hyun but also the viewers think about what life is, leaving a deep aftertaste.

#Jung Jin Young (Doctor K) – “Death is no longer a moment to be feared”

Doctor K is the one who created the virtual paradise called “Yonder” with the belief that science can break the barrier of death. More than anything, the sight of him explaining the world he’d created on the screen that’s located somewhere between reality and “Yonder” drew attention. “Death is no longer a moment to be feared. Because now, people can dream of life after death,” he says.

Source: TVING

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