Yook Sungjae, Jung Chae Yeon and More Reveal Behind-the-Scene Secrets From ‘The Golden Spoon’

The Golden Spoon
The Golden Spoon
Credit: Disney Plus

Disney Plus uploaded a video of The Golden Spoon cast sharing fun behind the scene stories about the series.

The cast members were first asked to pick the actor who best fits their part in the series. Lee Jong Won and Yeon Woo picked Jung Chae Yeon without hesitance. Yeon Woo explained that Chae Yeon has a similar personality to Na Joo Hee. Lee Jong Won agreed and said, “I chose her because she is just like Joo Hee on set, even without the camera rolling.” He also added that she’s got the bubbly and cheerful personality that her character of Joo Hee has.

Then the actors were asked to pick an actor who made the most bloopers in the series. All the cast members surprisingly chose themselves, and Yook Sung Jae broke the silence by saying, “Sorry, but I think I’m the most guilty one here.” Lee Jong Won quietly agreed with him by jokingly introducing himself as the biggest victim of his bloopers. He then continued his joke and told him that he won’t ever star in the same series with him again, making everyone laugh out loud.

Then the actors were asked to choose the role they wanted to play the most. All three cast members chose Yeon Woo, and Yook Sungjae praised Yeon Woo for her performance. He said, “Although her character seems very strong and icy on the outside, she is a humane, pure-hearted woman with an unspoken past. I think it would have been very difficult to play the character, but she did an amazing job of bringing the character to life.”

Source: Disney Plus

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