‘One Dollar Lawyer’ Drops New Pictures of Namgoong Min in Dazzling Suits

nam goong min one dollar lawyer
nam goong min one dollar lawyer
Credit: Disney Plus

Disney Plus dropped new pictures of One Dollar Lawyer‘s lawyer Chun Ji Hoon looking sharp in eye-catching suits.

The newly released pictures capture the unique style of Chun Ji Hoon in the drama. His fashionable outfits in the series grab viewers’ attention as much as his peculiar decision of only accepting an attorney fee of a dollar despite his business struggles.

The most distinctive item he wore was the checkered three-piece suit that no other attorney would ever dare to try on. Surprisingly, the character’s wardrobe was revealed to have been prepared by the actor, Namkoong Min, himself with his own money.

nam goong min one dollar lawyer
Credit: Disney Plus

The actor shared, “When I first read the script, Chun Jin Hoon was the person who helps out others wearing normal outfits that we can easily see on the streets. However, I thought there should be something different about him and started contemplating what style he should go for the series. Since I have always had an interest in suits, I thought of wearing various designs, including three-pieces and checkered ones, for the role and ended up ordering them at the tailor’s.”

He added, “I wanted my character to be a bit ironic by showing that his attorney fee would be at least 10 dollars judging from his looks.”

Source : Disney Plus

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