YG Broke Silence on Jennie and V’s Photo Leaks, But What About HYBE?

jennie and v photo
jennie and v photo
Credit: iMBC, Vogue

It’s been about two months since the dating rumors surrounding BLACKPINK’s Jennie and BTS’ V have surfaced. Finally, YG broke the silence, but HYBE still hasn’t made any official statement.

In May, Jennie and V were spotted enjoying a date on Jeju Island, and soon, photos of the two posing together were leaked online. These photos showed the two wearing matching items, kissing on the forehead, and hugging, causing a stir.

Yesterday, Jennie’s agency YG Entertainment finally broke the silence. Stating that they’ve requested an official investigation, YG explained that they’ve refrained from making any sort of statement to minimize the damage. However, as rumors, accusations, personal attacks, sexual harassment, and invasion of privacy continued indiscriminately, YG eventually announced legal action against the leaker.

However, V’s label HYBE is still quiet. The biggest reason for their silence is believed to be “to protect BTS’ reputation.” Now, BTS is a global boy band, actively promoting at home and abroad. Admitting BTS members’ dating rumors poses big and small risks. In many cases, the stars’ careers will be labeled with the name of their lover, and also, there will be fans who are disappointed. This can cause a crisis for BTS, who’s at the prime of their career.

Of course, HYBE’s silence may not actually be a silence. They could be keeping their eyes on the situation like YG and waiting for the right moment. But one thing for sure is that the recent photo leaks have clearly invaded the artists’ privacy, and fans will be watching closely as to how the agency copes with the situation.

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