Lee Sung Min and Nam Joo Hyuk Get Revenge in a Supercar in ‘Remember’

remember korean movie
remember korean movie

Lee Sung Min and Nam Joo Hyuk will show a bromance that transcends generations in the upcoming movie Remember.

A Violent Prosecutor helmer Lee Il Hyung is returning to the big screen with his new movie Remember. This new movie follows an elderly man with dementia who seeks revenge against pro-Japanese collaborators (people who took part in Japan’s annexation of Korea in 1910) he’s planned for 60 years and a young man who unintentionally gets involved in his revenge. It’s based on the 2015 movie Remember about an elderly Holocaust survivor with dementia setting out to kill a Nazi war criminal.

“The projects dealing with the Japanese colonial period are mostly portrayed in a historical genre. But Remember takes place in a modern time,” Director Lee shared. “It has a theme of revenge, and I thought it’d be fun if the intense, emotional revenge is blended with an elderly man.”

remember korean movie

Both Lee Sung Min and Nam Joo Hyuk chose the absorbing plot as the reason they chose the project. Nam Joo Hyuk then added, “Also, I was just thrilled that I’ll get to work with Lee Sung Min.”

The actors took turns introducing their roles. Lee Sung Min, playing Pil Jo, said, “He’s an elderly man, over 80 years old, who’s worked at a family restaurant for a long time. He suffers from dementia, and as he realizes that he’s losing memories, he seeks out revenge he’s been plotting for a long time.” He then talked about playing a role that’s much older than him. “Narrowing this age gap was my homework and the biggest concern. I’m not sure (how I did it,) but other people seemed to like it.”

Nam Joo Hyuk plays In Kyu, an ordinary part-timer in his 20s. “Pil Jo tells him that he’ll pay him a generous pay if he drives him around for a week, and In Kyu accepts his offer. And that’s how he gets involved in Pil Jo’s revenge,” he commented. “All that happens is not normal, so I thought hard from In Kyu’s point of view and tried to focus on the situation.” Lee Sung Min and Nam Joo Hyuk both praised their teamwork, saying that “things couldn’t have been better.”

The movie has these two characters driving around in a supercar. “I added the wish of an old man who wishes to drive around in a supercar before he dies,” Director Lee explained. Nam Joo Hyuk, who was in charge of driving the car, felt a lot of pressure. “I had to get it all together as I was driving – I couldn’t damage it. I trained on my concentration.”

Meanwhile, Remember will hit the screen on October 26th.

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