What’s BTS Members’ Favorite Disney Movies/Series?

bts disney plus
bts disney plus
Credit: Disney Plus

Disney Plus released the “Dig in Disney+” featuring the favorite Disney movies introduced by BTS members.

Introducing Toy Story and Zootopia, in which BTS members personally took part in the Korean dubbing, “Dig in Disney+” had the boys introduce their favorite works from many Disney studios, including Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, National Geographic, Disney+ and more.

First, RM enthusiastically recommended WandaVision and What If…? as if he had become the two projects’ PR agent, giving a big laugh. Suga and Jimin introduced Frozen, Zootopia, and Coco, praising Disney music, saying, “Disney really does make great music.”

Jungkook went next, recommending Avengers: Endgame which marked the end of the Avengers franchise. Jimin proved Jungkook’s love for the movie, saying that he saw Jungkook cry as he watched the movie. Meanwhile, Jin chose the Walking Dead series as his favorite, adding that he always watched the series while on tour.

V expressed his deep love for Wall-E, even imitating the way the character talked, giving a big laugh. Lastly, J-Hope chose Inside Out as his favorite Disney movie and highly recommended Monsters University and Ratatouille.

After the introduction time was over, the boys were given a surprise mission to find Walking Dead on the Disney Plus app in 15 seconds. After a tight match, Suga won the game and got his hands on Disney Plus ticket, making everyone else jealous.

Source: Disney Plus


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