Seo In Guk on Playing His First Villain Role and Shirtless Scenes in ‘Project Wolf Hunting’

seo in guk project wolf hunting
seo in guk project wolf hunting
Credit: The Contents On

Seo In Guk took on his first-ever villain role in his 10-year career, and yes, it was shocking and successful. In the hard-boiled action flick Project Wolf Hunting, he plays Park Jong Doo, an animalistic criminal who kills people for fun. 

Q1. How did you enjoy the movie?

I loved it. I actually like action and gore movies. I heard some say that Project Wolf Hunting is more of a gore genre, but it’s not. It just has aggressive depictions of extreme situations.

Q2. Why did you choose to star in the project?

The script and the character blended in so well. Personally, I think the script is more important, but this movie had storytelling that was never seen in Korea before. The characters lead one case, then a new character shows up with a new story. It was refreshing.

Q3. You played your first villain role. What were your thoughts when you first got offered to play the role?

Whenever I finished a project, I was asked, “What role do you want to play next?” And every time, I answered, “I want to play a villain role.” I read the script of Project Wolf Hunting when I needed to play such a role the most. So I wanted to do this right.

seo in guk project wolf hunting
Credit: The Contents On
Q4. How did you approach the character of Jong Du?

There are many kinds of villains – psychopaths, sociopaths, the sly ones and the cute ones. But Jong Du was more of a “pure evil” character. That was one reason why I chose to star in this movie.

Q5. You had the “crazy eyes” in the movie. Can you share more about how you approached the scene?

I have a real hang-up about my eyes. When I was young, older kids used to beat me up, saying that they didn’t like my eyes. But now, I think they have a unique charm. I filmed while thinking, “I’ll make the best use of my eyes.”

Q6. Did you have any trouble while playing the role with all the blood, tattoos? What was it like filming the shirtless scene?

I wore tattoo stickers all over my body in every take. It felt good as if I was dressing up for Halloween. So the first day, I got so excited that I left the set without removing them, and I had terrible skin issues. It takes about 30 minutes to an hour to remove the stickers, but it took me over 2 hours to remove them as my skin is so sensitive.

Q7. What scene were you satisfied the most with?

The scene where I kill a police officer at the beginning of the movie. I slowly thrust the knife and stare at the dying person without saying anything. The director told me that he is “innocent and uncivilized like a baby.” I also want to mention the scene where I find the satellite phone. People are dying, but Jong Du is just calm. In contrast to the scene filled with violence and cuss words, Jong Du’s feelings like a blank state create a certain unfamiliarity.

Q8. Has your thirst for playing villains been quenched?

It’s only gotten worse. With this project, my desire for playing different types of villains has grown, as if the branches stretch out. Jong Du is pure evil, and he has no “slyness” in him. He’s just a dangerous character that makes you feel like you’ll get stabbed when you meet him. But I don’t wish to be an actor who only focuses on playing villains.

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