‘Project Wolf Hunting’ Gets Rave Reviews Ahead of Its World Premiere at the TIFF

project wolf hunting tiff
project wolf hunting tiff
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Project Wolf Hunting is receiving rave reviews from foreign media and film industry officials at the 47th Toronto International Film Festival.

Project Wolf Hunting, set to hit the screen on September 21st, is a hard-boiled action movie depicting the process of transporting heinous criminals that even Interpol had given up on from the middle of the Pacific Ocean to Korea.

The movie had its preview for media and overseas distributors on the 19th ahead of its world premiere on the 16th and has been receiving favorable reviews. Horror Fuel praised, “frenzied firefights, gory martial arts, and decades-old conspiracies, complete with shadowy syndicates and secret experiments, all erupting upon the screen with a rousing, volcanic velocity.”

Film officials also took to their social media to praise Project Wolf Hunting. @HammerKopCross tweeted “Midnight crowd is gonna lose their sh*t. Blood-soaked genre thrills that might not have the most compelling narrative but damn if it’s not a shot of adrenaline. You’ll think you know where it’s gonna go, but you don’t.” @Davemabaldwin wrote, “It’s exactly as advertised: a survival thriller that is saturated head to toe in blood. I’m talking oil tankers full of gore and destroyed bodies. It straddles the line between too much and just enough. Midnight Madness is going to love it.” @AmandaTheJedi tweeted, “If you want to see Project Wolf Hunting I would strongly suggest getting into the midnight screening because it’ll be the best experience.”

Moreover, the movie recorded an all-time score of 4.1 (tension) and 4.8 (intensity) in the preview in Korea.

Source: The Contents On

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