New Alleged Photos of V and Jennie Got Leaked Online by Another Twitter User

Jennie v photo
Jennie v photo
Credit: Twitter

A whole new batch of alleged photos of BTS’ V and BLACKPINK’s Jennie has been leaked.

On the 2nd, a number of photos of Jennie with a man were posted on Twitter. In the photo, Jennie is smiling happily as the man kisses her forehead, and in another photo, she’s in the arms of the same man. Another photo showed a man, presumed to be V, making a facetime call with a woman, believed to be Jennie.

Furthermore, the “leaked” photos showed allegedly unreleased selfies of BLACKPINK members Jisoo and Lisa, as well as a photo of Jennie and Rosé from their recent trip to New York.

Jennie v photo
Credit: Twitter

With alleged photos of V and Jennie being leaked online one after another, their dating rumors are now believed to be the truth.

The source of these photos is presumed to be Jennie’s Cloud account. However, it’s been confirmed that these photos were released by another Twitter account than the one that had leaked V and Jennie’s photos last month.

Jennie v photo
Credit: Twitter

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  • Who cares? Let them date. They are old enough. I want them to have a fulfilling life and that includes dating, marriage, and children, if they choose.

  • These two are old enough to be in a relationship. They deserve to be happy. As a BTS fan, I fully support whatever make these boys happy. They�ve given us so much happiness already and I am very thankful for that�

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