HYBE Announces Change of Venue for BTS’ Upcoming Concert ‘Yet To Come’ in Busan

bts busan concert
bts busan concert
Credit: HYBE Labels

HYBE has announced the change of venue for “Yet To Come,” the upcoming BTS’ concert in Busan, for safety issues.

According to the label’s statement, the venue will be changed from the Ilgwang Special Stage to the Busan Asiad Main Stadium.

Having been appointed as the honorary ambassadors for the 2030 Busan World Expo in July, BTS planned a global concert as a first step to aid BTS’s support of the bid for Busan in 2030. HYBE explained, “We made the global concert free for all so that not only fans of BTS but everyone around the world could enjoy the festival-like experience together.”

To allow the audience the most convenient experience possible, the city of Busan and Big Hit agreed to host this major event in Ilgwang. However, fans showed concerns over the venue for various reasons, including one exit, a rise in accommodation fees, a no-food policy, and more.

Announcing the change of venue to Busan Asiad Main Stadium, HYBE stressed that the “decision to change the location of the concert was made in an effort to ensure that the focus remains on the performance’s main purpose, which is to promote the bid for the 2030 Busan World Expo.”

They added, “While the venue has changed, we remain dedicated to the vision and we will still be holding the other events related to the concert as planned. We will be holding LIVE PLAY at Busan Port International Passenger Terminal Outdoor Parking Lot so that the audience gathered there can watch the concert live on a large screen and experience the performance up-close. The concert will also be streamed online for everyone around the world to get in on the excitement of the performance, and we have even more events coming around Busan to keep the spirit of the concert alive.”

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