‘Emergency Declaration’ Yim Si Wan Says “His Eyes Look Mad” Is the Comment He Remembers the Most

Emergency Declaration Yim Si Wan
Emergency Declaration Yim Si Wan
Credit: Showbox

In a video interview with Sports Chosun, Yim Si Wan shared his impressions of playing his first villain in Emergency Declaration.

Centering around terrorism in a plane, Emergency Declaration tells the story of a people facing an unexpected disaster. Yim Si Wan took on the role of Jin Seok, a terrorist who showed a brief but strong presence.

Regarding his character, the actor said, “There was no narrative for the character Jin Seok. Personally, I’ve tried to fill the gaps while acting. But without filling the gaps, it’s hard for me to find the right character. But Jin Seok didn’t have any gpas to fill. It was totally blank. But within that blankness, there was this freedom of getting to do whatever I wanted. So I made Jin Seok’s narrative on my own as I acted.”

Yim Si Wan also talked about the creepy face he made in the movie. “I didn’t prepare for it,” he explained. “I think I just expressed an emotion I was feeling. I did my best to find Jin Seok’s feelings. In my opinion, the moment I approach ‘not normal’ to express a person who is not normal, a contradiction arises. It seems that Jin Seok himself had a noble experimental spirit. The thrill he felt whenever he made progress with that spirit, it gave others an unusual and chilly feeling. I focused on that.”

In fact, a lot of the audiences are pouring out rave reviews about Yim Si Wan’s performance as a villain, leaving comments like “a madman with pure eyes” and “mad eyes.” Regarding it, Yim Si Wan said, “It was really different to meet the real audience offline and feel their reactions. It was like I could feel it on my skin. That’s the biggest charm of a movie. I clearly remember the comment, ‘His eyes look mad.’ I’m taking that as a compliment. I don’t normally have mad eyes. I think the lights made me look even more mad.”

Emergency Declaration Yim Si Wan
Credit: Showbox

Working with A-list actors such as Song Kang Ho, Lee Byung Hun, and Jeon Do Yeon for Emergency Declaration became a special memory for Yim Si Wan. “It was a great honor for me,” he shared. “It was a great experience for me to work with great actors who are recognized all over the world, not just actors who represent the country. It’d have been better if I actually got to work with them more. But working with Lee Byung Hun was meaningful in itself. It was such an amazing experience.”

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