Ji Sung, Seo Ji Hye & Lee Soo Kyung Have a Quick Chat About ‘Adamas’

Kdrama Adamas Ji Sung
Kdrama Adamas Ji Sung
Credit: Disney Plus Korea

Adamas actors got together to dish on the behind-the-scenes stories about the drama.

First, all three actors unanimously chose “yes” to the question of whether they fell in love with the script as soon as they read it. Ji Sung answered, “I fell in love with the script the moment I read it.” Seo Ji Hye added, “I wanted to express the mysterious character Eun Hye Soo.”

The next question asked about who made the most mistakes on the set. Ji Sung chose himself and confessed that he’s got so many lines to memorize since he’s playing a dual role, Ha Woo Shin and Song Soo Hyun. Naturally, his answer led to the question about the first two episodes that doubled the tension as Ha Woo Shin stepped into the mansion Haesong family lives in to dig into the secrets about the mansion.

Ji Sung responded, “I think it’s about time he goes into the mansion.” Hearing that, Lee Soo Kyung chimed in, “The people living in the mansion are scary,” to which Seo Ji Hye wittily replied, “We’re not that scary. We don’t bite.”

Afterward, the actors talked about the moments they wanted to stop their characters. Ji Sung shared, “Woo Shin is always going somewhere, and Soo Hyun, his talk is cheap.” Seo Ji Hye commented, “I think Eun Hye Soo has already endured enough inside the Haesong Group.”

Source: Disney Plus Korea


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