Zico Says Two-Year Hiatus Has Helped Him Clear His Mind and Get His Creative Juice Flowing

Zico Grown Ass Kid
Zico Grown Ass Kid
Credit: News1

Zico had returned to the K-pop scene with songs full of enthusiasm that he had when he debuted.

On Monday, Zico held a media showcase for his new mini-album, Grown Ass Kid. This marks the artist’s comeback two years after he halted his activities to fulfill his mandatory military duty. “This long two-year hiatus has made me think about a lot of things,” he shared. “And because of that, I got to write songs about my concerns.”

“As I spent a lot of time alone, I thought a lot about myself,” Zico added. “Rather than thinking negatively about me, I was able to simplify my thoughts. If data has accumulated within me, this time has helped me to erase all those data and start anew. So now my mind is very clear.”

Zico Grown Ass Kid
Credit: KOZ Entertainment

About why he chose “grown ass kid” as the title of his new smash, Zico explained, “The world has changed a lot during the two-year hiatus. However, even in the midst of rapid changes, there was one thing that didn’t change – my energy, passion, and identity in music. The album title implies that.” He continued, “I’m all grown up, but I’m still just a kid. Also, it means that I took out my past self and reinterpreted it in a completely new way.”

“Since I haven’t communicated with the public for two years, I was the only person who could give feedback on my own music,” Zico shared. “I was the one writing it and listening to it, so it became sort of a play time. So I think you’ll get to hear music that’s just like Zico. It’s an album that shows ‘raw Zico’ here and there. It contains a lot of my past self.”

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