Kim Woo Bin Playing 4 Characters in the Movie ‘Alienoid’ Becomes a Hot Topic

Kim Woo Bin Alienoid
Kim Woo Bin Alienoid
Credit: CJ ENM

In Alienoid Part One, Kim Woo Bin flawlessly pulls off four different characters, getting hot reactions from the audience.

First, the actor exuded charisma and showed off intense action scenes as the Guard who manages the transfer of alien prisoners. Moreover, Kim Woo Bin had to act using motion capture in order to film a sequence where he transforms into a robot, providing a diverse attraction.

Kim Woo Bin Alienoid
Credit: CJ ENM

Additionally, he got dressed up in pink attire as Thunder, Guard’s sly and delightful partner disguised as Guard, and showed unexpected cuteness as “model student” Thunder. And unlike Guard, who’s determined not to engage in human affairs, Thunder has an odd interest in humans. So through this alternate character, Kim Woo Hin delicately portrayed the changes in the emotions of Guard, who had lived on Earth for a long time, escorting and managing alien prisoners.

Meanwhile, Alienoid Part One follows a group of Taoists from the Goryeo dynasty who mistakenly open a time portal in search of a legendary sword. The portal connects them to humans from 2022, who are tasked with finding an extraterrestrial prisoner locked in a human body. Ryu Jun Yeol, Kim Tae Ri, Kim Woo Bin, So Ji Sub, Jo Woo Jin, Kim Eui Sung, and more starred in the movie.

Source: CJ ENM

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