How Much Does ‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo’ Star Park Eun Bin Make Per Episode?

Park Eun Bin
Park Eun Bin fee
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Park Eun Bin is the hottest talent on South Korean television right now. She won rave reviews for her lovely portrayal of autistic lawyer Woo Young Woo and made many viewers fall in love with the role.

The actress recently began reviewing various scripts for her next project. According to industry insiders, Park Eun Bin was reportedly paid under $70,000 before Extraordinary Attorney Woo. However, things turned around, and everyone is now competing to cast her, offering her various roles to perform. Since she became one of the A-list stars, her paycheck has more than doubled.

A source said, “Given her current popularity, Park Eun Bin will definitely receive more than $70,000 per episode. Although actors’ fees are typically heftier than the actresses’, Park Eun Bin would be an exception to this rule as she proved her strong presence in her ongoing mega-hit series. With multiple offers pouring in at the moment, she would easily get more than $150,000 per episode.”

As her drama became a sensation, Park Eun Bin became the most dominant talent on TV right now, with countless endorsement deals. Previously, a media outlet reported that the current revenue from her endorsement deals was estimated to increase more than two-fold. Recent reports say that she earns roughly $304,576-$662,35 from a yearly endorsement contract, and her revenue is projected to rise in the future.

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  • She deserves the projected payrise. Acting is not an easy profession based on the kind of role he/she has been casted to act especially in this particular role given that she initially considered an uphill task. Am sure she will excel in her acting profession however, please give her a break so she can date and find the Mr. Right. Keep up the good act Ms Park. Will keep you in prayer for good health 😘

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