Ji Chang Wook Shares He Cried a Ton After Reading ‘If You Wish Upon Me’ Script

Ji Chang Wook drama
Ji Chang Wook will be showing a new side through the upcoming series ‘If You Wish Upon Me’.
Ji Chang Wook drama
Credit: KBS

Inspired by an actual Dutch organization, If You Wish Upon Me revolves around a troubled young man who must perform community service at a hospice and finds himself fulfilling the residents’ final wishes.

Yoon Gyeo Rae, played by Ji Chang Wook, is a precarious young man who barely lives his life without any will or goal. From an orphanage to detention center and prison, this “broken adult-child” lived a tough life and ended up with a habit of putting himself through pain by getting new tattoos.

“After reading the script for the first time, I cried so much,” the actor shared. “The sad yet warm script touched my heart. And I was attracted to the role of Gyeo Rae. I wanted to portray this world-weary and lonely character.”

Ji Chang Wook drama
Credit: KBS

About Yoon Gyeo Rae, Ji Chang Wook explained, “He was deeply scarred by the people and ended up with a pessimistic view of this world. There are parts that he lacks, but there is something about him that makes you want to cheer for him and embrace him. I had so much fun playing Yoon Gyeo Rae.”

Moreover, he chose three keywords that best explain the character Yoon Gyeo Rae – family, Adeul, and love. “You’ll understand the keywords once you watch the show,” he continued. “The process of Yoon Gyeo Rae entering the hospice and changing after meeting ‘Team Genie’ is very important.”

If You Wish Upon Me is very warm,” Ji Chang Wook commented. “It’s a drama where I spent so much time laughing and having fun. I hope that warm atmosphere I felt on the set will be conveyed to you all.”

Meanwhile, If You Wish Upon Me will premiere on August 10th at 9:50 PM KST.

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