PICK: 4 Most Realistic Korean Romantic Movies of All Time

korean movies about realistic love

Edited by Hwang Hong Sun
Translated by Yu Jin Kim

korean movies about realistic love
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Romantic movies are usually filled with heart-fluttering moments and make you fantasize about love. However, we all know that reality differs from what we see in movies. Although there are happy and sweet moments in a relationship, lovers often find themselves trapped in misunderstandings and jealousy, which makes them fight and sometimes go their separate ways. But sometimes, people regret and go back to their former lover after realizing their true feelings for them. Romantic films attract viewers with their realistic, personal yet relatable depiction of love, and here we rounded up 4 of the best movies that make us recall special moments from our relationship.

Nothing Serious (2021)

Nothing Serious offers a close look into the dating philosophy of the current generation. The movie follows the story of two people meeting each other through a dating app and carrying out their relationship without being aware of falling in love with them. Jeon Jong Seo plays Ja Young, a woman who hasn’t achieved anything in her life until she turned 30. Although she fails in all romantic relationships, she still manages to be candid and confident. Son Suk Ku takes on the role of Woo Ri, an unsophisticated man who knows nothing about love and being successful. The movie is helmed by Hit the Night and Heart director Jeong Ga Young, and she once again shows her unfiltered love story through her first commercial film, Nothing Serious. The realistic depiction of a relationship and witty lines of Ja Young and Woo Ri makes viewers dive into the movie.

Crazy Romance (2019)
kmovie Crazy Romance 2019
Credit: NEW

Crazy Romance is about two people falling in love again after experiencing a painful breakup of their own. Unlike other romance movies that depict love as Disney fairytales, Crazy Romance portrays the downsides of a relationship by depicting its protagonists going through regrets and mixed bags of emotions in a relationship. Jae Hoon (played by Kim Rae Won), who believes in true love, and Sun Young (Gong Hyo Jin), who never does, get to exchange their thoughts on relationships and grow closer as they spend time together mingling and arguing with each other. Known as “Gongvely” for her famous starring roles, Gong Hyo Jin plays a very chill and candid female lead opposite Kim Rae Won, who made a highly-anticipated return to romantic movies. Kim Rae Won stars as her romantic interest named Jae Hoon who is coping with the painful memory of his past breakup.

Very Ordinary Couple (2013)
kmovie Very Ordinary Couple 2013
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Does getting back together ever work out? Very Ordinary Couple gives a realistic answer to this question. Working at a bank together, Dong Hee (Lee Min Ki) and Young (Kim Min Hee) have been secretly dating for three years. Like many other couples, the two go their separate ways as they keep getting into fights. However, their feelings begin to grow again as they bump into each other at work every day, and they eventually get back together as they fail to move on from each other. The film received rave reviews for depicting every bit of realistic element in relationships. Kim Min Hee and Lee Min Ki’s lifelike acting style makes the show extremely immersive and memorable. If you are tired of fantasy-like romance films, we recommend you watch Very Ordinary Couple as it reflects on real relationship feelings that most people go through sometime in their lives.

Sweet & Sour (2021)

Sweet & Sour is a movie about a love that turns sour despite its sweet and promising beginning. While working as a nurse, Da Eun (Chae Soo Bin) falls in love with her patient Jang Hyuk (Jang Ki Yong), who constantly shows affection for her. However, their romantic relationship begins to falter as Jang Hyuk transfers to another district far away from where she lives. There, he meets his new co-worker Bo Young (Krystal) and begins to grow subtle feelings for her, which makes his relationship with Daeun plummet to a new low. Although it seems like another flick about a failing love, the movie takes an unexpected turn with a surprising twist at the end. You would not be far wrong if you felt like you’ve seen this somewhere before. Sweet & Sour is a movie adaptation of a Japanese novel titled Initiation Love by Kurumi Inui, which was once made into a movie in Japan. Breaking the fantasy of love with its unique idea and style makes this movie special and different.


Editor Hwang Hong Sun: A Korean movie buff who wishes that the warm messages in good works will warm up this world at least by one degree Fahrenheit.

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