Kang Daniel Comes Under Fire Over His Remarks on the ‘Street Woman Fighter’ Cast

Kang Daniel UNIVERSE
Kang Daniel UNIVERSE
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Kang Daniel has landed in hot water for comparing the Street Woman Fighter cast to the cast of its male spin-off, Street Man Fighter.

The idol recently interacted with his fans via the UNIVERSE app and shared that he is extremely happy to emcee Street Man Fighter. He said, “I almost know everyone in the show, and I was able to take this emceeing role, thanks to my experience in the dance scene. Frankly, it was so comfortable because they were all men. I’m happy because my energy doesn’t get sucked out of me. I honestly was terrified when I was hosting the original show.”

The singer added, “Street Woman Fighter was scarier, and I like what I’m doing now more. What’s wrong with saying I was scared? Try to picture yourself reciting a poem in front of 60 men. Wouldn’t you be scared? Even my hands were shaking from holding those cue cards. They were all staring at me, with those bold eye makeup looks.”

Kang Daniel UNIVERSE

Some fans weren’t happy about his remark and the specific terms he used to refer to female cast members in the original show. When he was pointed out, the singer continued to upset fans by blocking people who tried to educate him, saying, “It’s not sexism at all. Wow, really? I’m at a loss for words. I’m not reading anymore. Blocking them, beep boop. Goodbye! These people would get upset when they go to a stand-up comedy show. Just get your own life. Don’t make life more complicated than it already is.”

Soon after, the screenshots of his messages were shared on online communities and left fans surprised and displeased with his comments.

On the afternoon of July 20th, the singer issued an official apology for his remarks about the cast of Street Woman Fighter.


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  • Wow! The man is not allowed to express how HE felt in a situation without getting blasted. Good for you Daniel for standing up for YOUR opinion. Let the haters bark.

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