YouTuber Points Out aespa’s Winter’s Insincere Attitude and Suspects She’s Dating Someone

aespa Winter
aespa Winter
Credit: YouTube “Sojang”

aespa’s Winter got embroiled in a controversy over her insincere attitude.

On the 10th, a YouTube channel posted a video titled “aespa Winter’s controversy over her attitude, moments she was caught dating.”

The YouTuber mentioned aespa’s appearance on the MBC show The Manager, which aired on the 9th. “Winter was seen texting on her phone throughout yesterday’s broadcast,” she said. “The key point here is that among all four members, Winter was the only one doing so. Even after all the editing, there are so many scenes where Winter is on her phone.”

She continued, “When she went to the airport to travel to the States for a showcase, she just waved at her fans once then went away to talk on her phone. Even when the group went to the UN to deliver a speech, Winter continued to send texts.”

Some of the comments on the video read, “I don’t care if she’s dating someone or not, but that’s not okay,” “Above anything else, manners and sincere attitude are the most important things,” and “All that time on the phone texting, she doesn’t write one thing on Bubble.”

Though none of the YouTuber’s claims were proven true or false, the video is receiving explosive attention, garnering more than 410,000 views.

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