YoonA Challenges Her First Noir Genre and the Role of Nurse in Drama ‘Big Mouth’

kdrama Big Mouth
kdrama Big Mouth
Credit: MBC

YoonA will challenge her first noir genre in the drama Big Mouth.

Big Mouth tells the story of a big-mouth lawyer who becomes an infamous con artist Big Mouse after getting involved in a murder case. In the drama, YoonA plays Go Mi Ho, a self-sufficient nurse.

“Go Mi Ho plays an active role at the center of the case,” YoonA shared. “And in the process of resolving this case, her courage and wisdom have touched my heart, so I thought I’d be able to show something new.” To YoonA, Go Mi Ho is someone who is very realistic. “She’s a woman who chooses ’cause’ rather than situations and safety, and she is rational and perhaps even ideal,” the actress explained. “And she even has the wisdom to solve the case.”

kdrama Big Mouth
Credit: MBC

YoonA paid special attention to her posture to play a role that does not yield to oppression. “I tried to dominate the atmosphere rather than being overwhelmed by the atmosphere,” she said. “I thought that Go Mi Ho is someone who suppresses emotions rather than bursting them out, so I tried to express her emotional flow even when acting the same emotion.”

In Big Mouth, YoonA will challenge the nurse role for the first time. “Since it was my first time playing a nurse, I constantly sought advice from professional medical staff on site. I tied my hair to complete a neat appearance, and I worked hard to look as natural as possible.” Lastly, the actress added, “It’ll be more fun for you if you watch the drama while guessing who the real ‘Big Mouse’ is – the character that gives Go Mi Ho and Park Chang Ho (Lee Jong Suk) a hard time.”

Meanwhile, Big Mouth will premiere on July 29th at 9:50 PM KST as the follow-up of Doctor Lawyer.

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