Joo Jong Hyuk Talks About His Role and Chemistry With Park Eun Bin in ‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo’

Extraordinary Attorney Woo
Credit: bnt

BNT recently unveiled their new pictorials and interviews with Extraordinary Attorney Woo actor Joo Jong Hyuk.

Joo Jong Hyuk stars as a rookie lawyer named Kwon Min Woo, who began working for the law firm Hanbada around the same time as Woo Young Woo. He is a wheeler-dealer who thinks of Young Woo as his rival but slowly becomes a likable character as the story progresses.

Although he constantly thinks of ways to wear her down, Min Woo is one of the rare people who doesn’t have prejudices toward Young Woo. He’s already got fans who praise him with words like, “love him,” “perfect partner for �Woo Young Woo,” and “absolutely the purest person in the world.”

In an interview after the photo shoot, the star expressed his respect for his co-star Park Eun Bin, saying, “She’s around my age, but she has a much longer acting career than I have. I’m having an invaluable experience working with her, and I have so much to learn from her.”

The celebrity also commented, “The drama has a very heart-warming story. Min Woo may seem like a mean person in the beginning, but you’ll see that he is actually a lovable, down-to-earth man as the story unfolds.”

Lastly, he shared what kind of actor he wants to be in the future. He said, “I would like to show different sides of me through various projects in the future. I want to become an actor who can offer many believable and relatable characters through a variety of works.”


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