Jeon Jong Seo Shares Thoughts on Her Character in ‘Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area’ and the Series Getting Mixed Reviews

Money Heist Korea Jeon Jong Seo
Money Heist Korea Jeon Jong Seo
Credit: Nnetflix

Jeon Jong Seo made her first small-screen debut through Money Heist: Korea �” Joint Economic Area.

The actress portrayed Tokyo quite differently from the original counterpart in the Korean remake. She garnered lots of attention for saying that she already knew that she would be cast as Tokyo upon receiving the role offer. She said, “I watched the original show. I had gut feelings that the director would cast me as Tokyo. As the original character is a troublemaker who loves someone whether the person loves her or not, I had a hunch that I would play the character, expecting the Korean version of Tokyo to be the same as the original character. However, she turned out to be a calmer person with a more reserved personality.”

In the Korean remake, Tokyo has been tweaked into a person who solves unexpected problems. The star commented, “Tokyo’s spontaneous behavior does not make situations worse in the Korean remake. She continues to follow the Professor’s instructions and beliefs, which is the biggest difference from the original show.”

Meanwhile, Part 1 has received mixed reviews from many viewers. The celebrity remarked, “There were a lot of good comments, but a lot of negative comments as well. Since it just got dropped, I’m going to take some time to think about what’s happening. When the filming was over, I thought, ‘Maybe I should have played the character in my style,’ but, it was still very exciting and meaningful to work with many prominent actors in this series.”

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