Lee Joo Bin Reveals What It Was Like Filming the Love Scenes in ‘Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area’

Money Heist Korea Kim Ji Hoon Lee Joo Bin
Money Heist Korea Kim Ji Hoon Lee Joo Bin
Credit: Netflix

Lee Joo Bin revealed what it was like playing Yoon Misun in Money Heist: Korea -Joint Economic Area in an interview. She said, “I was half worried and half giddy about the role. I thought, ‘Am I the right person to play the role?’” She then described how people who didn’t watch the original show commented on the remake: “I remember reading comments that said, ‘I cannot wait to see what comes next,’ ‘When will Part 2 get dropped?’ and ‘What will happen to Denver and Misun?’”

The actress also gave her thoughts on the character she played in the show, saying, “Misun is not the type who would voice out her concerns about anything. When Cho Youngmin (played by Park Myung Hoon) asks her out, she gives a green light only thinking about her family back in North Korea. Later in the series, the man she trusted betrays her at the worst moment in her life, but Denver (Kim Ji Hoon) stays by her side and tries his best to save her. I think that is why she slowly grew fond of him, as he seemed like someone she could really trust.”

As for the chemistry with Kim Ji Hoon, the female star said, “Kim Ji Hoon created an affectionate and caring character than what’s written in the script.” She also remarked, “I auditioned for the series, knowing that I would have to film some make-out scenes. The director told me that the scenes would not be as passionate as those in the original project, saying that he was willing to remove unnecessary love scenes from the project. Once I read the script, I could understand why he made such a decision.” She added, “I believed emotional chemistry is more important than physical chemistry, so I did my best to fully show the emotions my character would have during such scenes.”

When asked about her personality, the celebrity replied that her real character is quite the opposite of Misun’s, and stated, “I’m more like Nairobi who likes to talk and laugh.”

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