Suzy’s New Coupang Play Drama ‘Anna’ Premieres to Rave Reviews

Suzy Kdrama Anna
Suzy Kdrama Anna
Credit: Coupang Play

Suzy‘s new drama Anna is currently riveting attention on online communities. Many viewers are trying to piece together the clues from the first two episodes as they are singing the praises of Suzy for her brilliant performance.

After the second episode ended, DC Inside and Theqoo’s feeds were filled with posts about the drama. One user uploaded an article titled Suzy Killed Her Husband With a Burning Purse, explaining, “In the first episode, Suzy crashes her car, gets off the passenger seat and throws two mysterious passports and her burning purse into the rammed car. It’s all from the show. Not a spoiler or a wild guess.”

In Anna, Suzy plays a girl named Yumi who was born without money but with talents. She decides to steal the glamorous life of a millionaire named Hyun Joo after becoming her personal assistance.

The trailer shows Yumi living a life full of lies. It begins with Yoo Mi’s calm narration that says, “You won’t know if you really wanted something until you have it. Once you believe it, lies become the truth.” Shortly after, her life starts to fall apart when the real Anna, Hyun Joo, threatens her by saying, “You stole my life, so you have to pay the price.” However, the video ends with Suzy saying, “I do everything that I have set my mind on,” hinting at a tragic end she may face.

After watching the preview, viewers left enthusiastic comments, saying, “Suzy looks like she has something to tell,” “She looks more mature,” and “Her acting gives me goosebumps.”

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