Kim Tae Ri Says She Didn’t Expect to Win the Best Actress at the Baeksang Arts Awards

Kim Tae Ri Baeksang
Kim Tae Ri Baeksang
Credit: JTBC

At the 58th Baeksang Arts Awards, Kim Tae Ri won the Best Actress in the TV category with the drama Twenty-Five Twenty-One and the Tiktok Popularity Award. In an interview with JTBC News, the actress exuded her unique positive energy and talked about winning the awards.

Q1. Did you expect to win the awards?
Not at all. I wasn’t nervous because I had zero expectations. After the first part (after winning the popularity award), I thought I’d played my part. So I said to Hyun Wook, “We can probably go home now.” Hahaha.

Q2. Then you must have been thrilled when your name was called out.
There were two reasons why I liked winning the best actress award. I only knew that I’d win the popularity award, so I only mentioned my fans in my acceptance speech. But when I came down, I realized that I didn’t get to say anything about Twenty-Five Twenty-One. I was glad I got to talk about the drama for winning the best actress, and it was great that I got to hug Hyun Wook. I told him “You did a great job, Hyun Wook” as I hugged him.

Q3. Did you have an after-party?
About ten people, including the staff, went to eat beef. Hyun Wook also came to the same restaurant, so I paid for his table too. It was nice because it felt like I was putting a bow on the drama for good.

Q4. Junho also won the popularity and best actor awards. It’d be great to see you working with him someday.
We did the interview for the popularity award together and took pictures together too. I’m inquisitive by nature, so we talked for some time while standing together. He’s already starting his new project. We’re not meeting on that project, but I think it’d be nice to work with him someday.

Q5. You’ve met your fans through your Vlog ‘So This is The Place?’ It looks like you enjoyed the trip alone.
Imagine how many calls I received while traveling alone. I shot it around the time the drama finished, and I called my friends too. That whole thing was fun. Before I set off, I thought to myself that it didn’t have to be fun. Being no fun has its own virtue, and I put more meaning into presenting my fans with the videos. I wanted it to be fun, but I left thinking that it was okay even if it was not fun. But it turned out fun (laughs).

Q6. What’s your next project?
I’m reading scripts now. First, please watch the movie Alienoid that’ll hit the screen on July 20th. It’s going to be so much fun. Please look forward to it.


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