Son Suk Ku Shares What It Was Like to Film the Shirtless Scene in ‘The Roundup’

Son Suk Ku The Roundup
Son Suk Ku The Roundup
Credit: Esquire

Son Suk Ku graced the cover of the July issue of Esquire magazine.

In an interview after the photoshoot, he said, “My follow-up projects to Designated Survivor: 60 Days and Be Melodramatic were The Roundup and My Liberation Notes. However, as both works postponed their release dates due to the pandemic, I felt like being on a hiatus for a while.”

Son Suk Ku The Roundup
Credit: Esquire

When asked what it was like to have a boost in popularity through the two successful projects, he answered, “It was astonishing how My Liberation Notes became suddenly popular. Then I got fortunate with The Roundup continuing the lucky streak.” He continued, “Cha Tae Hyun cheered me on by saying, ‘It is amazing that you’ve seen success through two projects with quality and entertainment,’ over the phone.”

Son Suk Ku The Roundup
Credit: Esquire

Regarding the shirtless scene in the mega-hit movie, the star explained, “Ma Dong Seok and director Lee Sang Yong wanted to make Kang Hae Sang a sexually attractive character. So the shirtless scene was a strategic addition to the movie. The director asked all the female staff members’ opinions and shot the scene twice with my shirt on and off. I ate sweets to achieve that swollen look because looking ripped and lean can make my body look beautiful, but does not make me seem strong enough to fight Ma Suk Do.”

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