Watcha Series ‘Ultimate Weapon Alice’ Drops Romantic Yet Blood-Covered Main Trailer

Drama Ultimate Weapon Alice
Drama Ultimate Weapon Alice
Credit: Watcha

The new Watcha original series Ultimate Weapon Alice has unveiled the main trailer.

Ultimate Weapon Alice is a hardcore action romance drama depicting the blood-soaked romance of Gye Wol, a transfer student who has to hide her identity as a killer, and Yeo Reum, a handsome boy who took over the school with his non-violence craziness.

The main trailer draws attention by presenting fresh settings and a unique genre that goes back and forth between rosy romance and bloody action.

Drama Ultimate Weapon Alice
Credit: Watcha

First, Gye Wol (Park Se Wan), a girl who has to kill to survive, was a member of the international killer society called the Company. But she first appears as an ordinary high school girl after escaping the killer’s world. When Yeo Reum (Song Geon Hee), who needs to feel the pain to stay alive, is in danger, Gye Wol steps in to help him. When the two reunite in the classroom, it looks like the romance between them is about to bloom.

However, everything is turned upside down when the crime gang starts chasing after Gye Wol. Gye Wol and Yeo Reum desperately struggle to escape from them, heightening expectations for the intense action scenes. Soon, psycho killer “Spicy” (Kim Tae Hun) joins the chase, doubling the tension. In the meantime, Gye Wol and Yeo Reum get help from Mr. Ban (Kim Sung Oh) and detective Nam Woo (Jeong Seung Gil).

Meanwhile, Ultimate Weapon Alice is produced as an 8-part series and will be released sequentially every Friday starting on the 24th.

Source: Watcha

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