‘The Witch 2’ Star Seo Eun Soo Talks About Her Possible Solo Movie With Lee Jong Suk

The Witch Part 2 Lee Jong Suk
The Witch Part 2 Lee Jong Suk
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In a promotional interview for The Witch: Part 2. The Other One, Seo Eun Soo mentioned the possibility of her solo movie starring Lee Jong Suk.

In the upcoming action film, Seo Eun Soo plays agent Jo Hyeon, a former soldier with incredible combat skills and intelligence. In the upcoming film, she will show her partnership with chief Baek (played by Jo Min Su) and director Jang (Lee Jong Suk) as she and her party are tasked to terminate a girl who escaped their secret lab due to a favor she owes chief Baek from 10 years earlier.

The actress said, “In the movie, Hyeon used to work for Jang ten years ago.” She added, “I heard there are plans for a solo movie about Jang and Hyeon, but I don’t know the details yet. If there are more stories for characters like us, I think this franchise will be able to expand its worldview like MCU movies. The director once said that there’s a high chance of him producing a solo movie about the two characters if the upcoming movie does well in theaters, so I’m crossing my fingers.”

Regarding the chemistry with Lee Jong Suk, the female star commented, “He is the one I am most thankful for, as he helped me with many things throughout the filming. He would always listen to me and check on me to see if I was doing okay. He would also cheer me up on my rainy days by saying, ‘You’re brilliant. You are completely in character.’ Since the character I play has lots to prepare beforehand, like the stunts and the English language, I was so grateful for all the support he has given me.”

The Witch: Part 2. The Other One will hit theaters on June 15th.

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