Lee Seung Gi Finally Breaks Silence on His Relationship With Lee Da In

Lee Seung Gi Lee Da In
Lee Seung Gi breakup
Credit: IMBC

Lee Seung Gi finally clarified his breakup rumors with Lee Da In.

On the 5th, Lee Seung Gi opened up about his relationship with Lee Da In. On his agency’s official website, he wrote, “I believe that we have wounded each other and communicated poorly over the last year. Therefore after giving much thought, I decided to open up.”

The two celebrities have been officially dating since May last year. However, they were embroiled in break-up rumors in August of the same year but didn’t speak out about the issue. Regarding the matter, Lee addressed, “The first reason I didn’t say much was because I was afraid that my emotions would not be clearly conveyed. I thought that it would simply lead to more misunderstandings and more confusion.”

“Secondly, I was concerned that what we discussed might be leaked to other channels or distorted into new rumors, causing more harm and being used as gossip. So, despite some of you asking me to clarify my position, I hope you understand why I’ve remained silent,” he added.

He continued, “I didn’t feel the need to say anything as there have been no big changes in our relationship since it went public last year. But I want to apologize to those who were disappointed in me. I also want to console you, and I hope you understand me.”

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  • The person you seek is out there, don’t rush, but don’t linger. You seem to be a smart, driven person. I am just an older lady in Mississippi that has an opinion. I admire your ethics and wish the best for you and your future.

  • Wow! Had to read this twice to make sure I did not misunderstand anything. Anyway, Lee Seung Gi— stay true to yourself, your ethics and your feelings! You only live once. Stay safe and healthy.

  • Elle veux seulement se montrer à tout le monde qu’elle a réussit à séduire lee seung gi elle profite de sa popularité elle croit qu’elle aura plus de popularité en sortant avec lui elle es entrain de lui détruire tout ce qu’il a réussi a construire en 18 ans de carrière,elle et mêmes entrain de detruire la vie d’autres personnes qui souffres a cause d’elle ,les gens ne l’aime pas, elle devrait
    avoir honte et être la première a lui dire pour qu’ils se sépare , à cause d’elle plus de la moitié des fans airens on renoncé à lee seung gi , tout le monde sait qu’il a aussi droit à une vie très privée a sa vie personnel et à une vie amoureuse et d’être heureux
    et fondé une famille heureuse comme tous les humains sur cette terre mais pas avec cette fille , il ya tellement de fille dans le monde entier ,mais si lui il l’aime personne ne pourra l’empêcher de l’aimer il a choisi la pire des filles qui existe , mais elle n’aime que la richesse elle ne l’aime pas elle aime son compte en banque, je suis une fan de lee seung gi et je suis très triste pour lui et sa famille a lui merci
    Je sais qu’il y aura beaucoup de monde qui ne vont pas aimer ce que j’ai écrit mais c’est la vérité es vous aller voir dans quelques années si lui l’épouse il sera plus le même sa carrière sera complètement détruite je peux me trompé

  • Korea really needs to get over this whole celebrities must tell and apologize about their personal business. People date. People breakup. I will apologize to my lover/ significant other, not my country.

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