‘Woori the Virgin’ Episode 3 Recap: Sung Hoon Shows His Sweet and Thoughtful Nature to Im Soo Hyang

Woori the Virgin episode 3
Woori the Virgin episode 3
Credit: SBS

Episode 3 of SBS’ Woori the Virgin featured Sung Hoon successfully portraying Raphael going through various emotions, from feeling touched to sad to shock. His delicate portrayal of Raphael’s complex and subtle emotions drew attention to Woori (Im Soo Hyang)’s unexpected news about her pregnancy.

Although Raphael decides to divorce Lee Ma Ri (Hong Ji Yoon), Woo Ri wants him to stay with her, hoping that her child can grow up in an affluent family. He gives his hand to Woo Ri with a warm smile and reveals his down-to-earth side as he looks at the sonogram of his son with a genuinely happy smile on his face.

Unlike the rumors and scandals surrounding him, he treats Woori with kindness and care. Woori doubts him when he is sighted secretly meeting Choi Mi Ae (Yeon Min Ji). However, it turns out that he is simply helping out with her cousin suffering from the same disease as himself. He does not even get mad at her for stalking him. Instead, he explains what had happened to him in the past.

In addition, Raphael was seen bickering with Woori’s fiancé Lee Kang Jae (Shin Dong Wook). Kang Jae sees Raphael taking Woori out of the hospital, so he tries to pick a fight with him out of jealously. Instead of chiming in, Raphael gleefully replies to Kang Jae by saying, “This is my child.”

Raising much curiosity about how the story will pan out, episode 3 ends with Raphael being thrown into disarray on his way to meet Woori and Kang Jae. He remembers that he and Woori had kissed each other on a vacation site.

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