Kim Jung Hyun Is Making His TV Return After a Year and a Half Break

Kim Jung Hyun Drama
Kim Jung Hyun Drama
Credit: Story J Company

Kim Jung Hyun will be making his TV return after taking a year and a half break.

Reports say that he will star in new MBC drama Season of Kkok Du.

Season of Kkok Du is a fantasy medical drama about a reaper named Kkok Du. Every 99 years, he must take a break from his job in the underworld, and this time, he winds up becoming a doctor who visits patients. While living as the doctor, he meets Han Gye Jeol, a female doctor who has the mysterious ability to order Kkok Du around.

The star will play a cold-hearted grim reaper named Kkok Du. Kkok Du is a high-rank grim reaper who is the only being to exist in the underworld. He helps people cross ninety-nine different paths so they can enter their afterlife. He must take a break from his job in the underworld every 99 years and spend 49 days in the mortal realm. This time, he winds up waking up in the body of the human Do Jin Woo and meets Han Gye Jeol in not the most ideal way.

Last year, Kim Jung Hyun suspended all of his activities after being swept up in a scandal over his private life involving Seo Ye Ji. Since then, he signed with Story J Company and announced that he would star in an independent movie in January.

Last April, the celebrity wrote a letter on his social media account, saying, “A lot has happened, and a lot has changed. I still don’t know how you would view me but just like how you cheered me on, I’m learning how to live my life to the fullest day by day.” His last remark hinted at his wish to return when he said, “I will try my best to become a more mature actor before making my comeback.”

The star will soon begin filming Season of Kkok Du.

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