Rain Talks About How He Ended Up Wearing Sunglasses on His First ‘How to Avoid the Sun’ Stage

Rain How To Avoid The Sun
Rain How To Avoid The Sun
Credit: MBC

Rain, LEE JUNG, Ravi, and Chef Jung Ho Young guest-starred in the the May 11th broadcast of MBC’s Radio Star.

Rain, who guest-starred in the program for the first time in three years, introduced his first boy group called Ciipher by saying, “The day they make their debut will be the day I will be reborn.” “It feels like looking at myself from 25 years ago when I look at them. I met Park Jin Young after failing over 18 auditions, so I wanted to give them the chance I was once offered.”

When Kim Gu Ra asked Rain about how he won Park Jin Young‘s heart, he replied, “I pulled off everything he asked me to do.” The MCs then asked him if there were any difficulties working with JYP, referring to his extra meticulous nature when it comes to music. The singer replied, “My mind was blank as a clean sheet of paper. I thought I was just being punished.”

Rain then opened up about the brief discord he had with Park Jin Young when he came up with the famous ‘sunglass dance moves’ for “How to Avoid the Sun.” The singer said that he went against JYP’s will by insisting on wearing his own sunglasses and outfits for his first stage for the song. Luckily, the track did very well on various music programs and even earned him a trophy. He said, “Jin Young called me up the nest day and said that he wants to leave everything up to me from then on,” The MCs then wittily responded by saying, “He sounded very pissed.”

The star confessed that he almost debuted as a duo with Seven. “Back then, YG Entertainment had a promising candidate for solo artist, and it was SE7EN. Yang Hyun Suk and Park Jin Young had initially planned to produce a K-pop duo group, like the group Deux, but the plan fell through as they clashed over whose trainee was better. So SE7EN and I ended up making separate debuts as solo artists.” He added that he had practiced very hard to beat SE7EN in the dance competitions in Kang Ho Dong‘s Match Made in Heaven, the program in which he made himself well known to the public.

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