‘Tomorrow’: How Did Kim Hee Sun and Lee Soo Hyuk Know Each Other in a Past Life?

Kdrama Tomorrow Kim Hee Sun Lee Soo Hyuk
Kdrama Tomorrow Kim Hee Sun Lee Soo Hyuk
Credit: MBC

MBC’s Tomorrow is gaining favorable responses as a K-fantasy series that provides empathy and healing through Ryun (Kim Hee Sun), Joong Woong (Rowoon), and Lim Ryung Gu (Yoon Ji On), who are trying to save those standing on the brink of death. In the meantime, the past lives of the leader of the crisis management team Ryun and the leader of the Grim Reaper management team Park Joong Gil (Lee Soo Hyuk) are slowly starting to unveil. We take a look at the clues that could infer the relationship the two had in their previous lives.

Kdrama Tomorrow Kim Hee Sun Lee Soo Hyuk
Credit: MBC

1. Ryun Rides a Flower Carriage for the Wedding

Episode 5 showed Ryun spending a dreamlike time with her lover in her past life. It was revealed in that scene that Ryun’s trademark pink eyeshadow was put on by her lover, and soon she was seen riding on a flower carriage for a wedding. However, the actual scene of the wedding didn’t appear, and neither did the name of her lover. This led to the big question – was Ryun’s lover Joong Gil?

2. Ryun Appears in Joong Gil’s Nightmare

In episode 8, Ryun appeared in Joong Gil’s nightmare that has continued endlessly that he was left sleepless for 200 years. Jade Hwang (Kim Hae Sook) said, “Most people regret for a long time when they make the wrong choice, but eventually forget it. But sometimes, some people are persistently seized by this regret, even in their dreams,” suggesting that Joong Gil’s dream is related to his previous life. Moreover, when Ryun asked her, “You said he just looks the same but is actually a different person. So why does Park Joong Gil remember me?” Jade Hwang replied, “Are you scared? Because you killed the person he loved?” This led to the second big question – did Ryun Kill Joong Gil’s lover?

3. Joong Gil Picks Up a Sword to Save Ryun

Episode 10 showed Ryun getting stopped by soldiers at the border in her past life. When the soldiers threatened her not to move with a sword, Joong Gil rushed over with a sword in his hand to stop the soldier. Not only that, Ryun, covered in blood and holding a piece of a porcelain shred, and Joong Gil, trying to stop her, were spotted in the same room, raising further questions.

4. Jade Hwang Only “Locks” Ryun and Joong Gil’s Past Lives

In episode 12, Joong Gil tried to unlock his past life to see how his and Ryun’s past lives were connected. However, his book was locked so no one can read it, and it was none other than Jade Hwang who locked Ryun and Joong Gil’s books. This led to the third question – why is Jade Hwang trying to hide Ryun and Joong Gil’s past lives?

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